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Without Principled Jurists, There is Little Reason for Optimism for Justice in the Seychelles

Lack of rule of law has also seen the passing of constitutional amendments supporting the government’s authoritarian tendencies, such as a recent amendment which saw the military allowing the military to operate in domestic matters outside states of emergency. Concerns were raised at the highest levels of government, including by Ombudsman, Nichole Tirant-Ghérardi who said, “The spectre of members of the defence forces maintaining law and order or running any essential service in the country on a permanent or semi-permanent basis does not sit well with that notion of democracy”.  (Continue Reading…)

Senior London barristers allege that due process has been breached in the Seychelles

The Times: English Barristers Criticised over Seychelles ‘Show Trial’

Senior London barristers are embroiled in a row over “a politically motivated prosecution” that has allegedly breached due process in the Seychelles. The case is the latest in which English barristers have faced criticism for acting for overseas governments that have what some consider to be poor records on human rights.(Continue Reading…)

No Fairness Before the Courts in Seychelles

The lack of fairness before the courts in Seychelles has been evident throughout the course of the trial. As time progresses, the extent to which this problem plagues the highest courts in the land has become apparent. And as the adage goes, “There is no greater threat to a free and democratic nation than a government that fails to protect its citizen’s freedom and liberty as aggressively as it pursues justice”.  (Continue Reading…)

Who Are We?

Seychelles Watch is an online community of like minded individuals dedicated to cleaning up the Seychelles. With corruption and nepotism rampant and a complicit government, the future prospects for good governance on the island has never been more grim. Our community is here to help put an end to corruption, nepotism and profiteering at the expense of the citizens of the tropical paradise which has become one of the darkest corners in the world of illicit finance. We are a community of citizens dedicated to transparency and the rule of law. Together we can put our foot down and make a difference.