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Reflections on The President’s Most Recent Address to the Nation

President Ramkalawan’s recent address to the nation, delivered on October 20th, was one of his most daring. Facing one of the toughest years of his political career, with the country undergoing a cost-of-living crisis, increasing crime, and facing severe domestic criticism surrounding the country’s ongoing politically motivated trial, his speech was an obvious attempt at deflecting criticism. (Continue Reading…)

Ramkalawan’s Government Steps on CJ’s Toes, Defies Court Order

Recent developments in the prosecution trial against Mukesh and Laura Valabhji have quite a few people concerned. It appears that the government is, yet again, working to cover up its own illegal activities. The case of the 50 million never ceases to surprise, and has included, so far, allegations of government corruption, human rights violations and absolutely no respect for the rule of law.(Continue Reading…)

Wavel Ramkalawan Staffs His Military With Loyalists

There are some things that no longer come as a surprise to anyone. One of those is the ability of those in power to do everything and anything possible to cling to power. Such was the case with the recent appointment of the former Commander of the Seychelles Coast Guard, Colonel Jean Attala, as the new Chief of Staff of the Seychelles People’s Defence Force (SPDF). (Continue Reading…)

Who Are We?

Seychelles Watch is an online community of like minded individuals dedicated to cleaning up the Seychelles. With corruption and nepotism rampant and a complicit government, the future prospects for good governance on the island has never been more grim. Our community is here to help put an end to corruption, nepotism and profiteering at the expense of the citizens of the tropical paradise which has become one of the darkest corners in the world of illicit finance. We are a community of citizens dedicated to transparency and the rule of law. Together we can put our foot down and make a difference.