Corruption in Seychelles has gotten out of control. Once a beautiful country which we citizens controlled, our country has become synonymous with those looking to stash from prying eyes what is in most cases, illicitly obtained wealth. With anti-money laundering and anti-terror financing regulations becoming more and more draconian, the centrality of Seychelles to the criminals of this world is becoming even more pronounced.

What has made Seychelles a particularly popular destination for those looking to hide their money, is a supportive government under the new leadership of President Ramkalawan and Vice President Afif. This has been further encouraged by a justice system which has been corrupted and coopted, meaning that those who seek justice are not able to get it. We have all experienced this. The lack of a government willing and able to stamp out corruption in Seychelles has left a niche which our team at Seychelles Watch, along with other citizens, is seeking to fill.

Our 5 point mission statement:

Our mission at Seychelles Watch is multifold, with the ultimate aim being to clean up the country and keep criminal activities at bay. We seek to accomplish this by:

Our mission at Seychelles Watch is multifold, with the ultimate aim being to clean up our country and keep criminal activities out. We seek to accomplish this by:

    1. Exposing alongside naming and shaming those criminal elements exploiting the financial sector in our country to stash and launder dirty money

    2. Identifying collusion between criminals and the government, current and past, who benefit directly or indirectly from selling our country to those who only have their own personal interests in mind

    3. Serving as a knowledge base for investigative journalists who dedicate their time to holding the government and criminals accountable

    4. Helping ensure that the future of the Seychelles is shaped by and for the us, the people of the country, and not those taking advantage of their positions of power for selfish interests

    5. Bringing together a range of civil society actors, legal scholars, activist networks, academics, politicians and every day citizens interested in cleaning up the Seychelles and ensuring the integrity of the country for generations to come

Join Us In Our Mission

Building a community of like minded and mission oriented individuals is integral to our work. We want to hear from you! If you are interested in getting involved or have a suggestion or tip that can help with our work, drop us a Message on Twitter or fill out the contact us form. Your being in touch will remain completely confidential.

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